Speed Booster Pack Documentation

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Speed Booster Pack Documentation

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  1. General Information
  2. Move scripts to the footer
  3. Exclude scripts from being moved to the footer
  4. Exclude scripts from being deferred
  5. Load JS from Google Libraries
  6. Defer parsing of javascript files
  7. Remove query strings
  8. Lazy load images to improve speed
  9. Removes additional Font Awesome styles
  10. Remove WordPress Shortlink
  11. Remove Adjacent Posts Links
  12. Remove Windows Manifest
  13. Remove the WordPress Version
  14. Remove all rss feed links
  15. Page Load Stats
  16. Change the default image compression level
  17. Load CSS asynchronously
  18. Minify HTML and JS
  19. Minify all CSS styles
  20. Insert all CSS styles inline to the footer
  21. Disable all above CSS options on mobile devices

01 General Information

Speed Booster Pack is made to improve your page loading speed and get a higher score on GTmetrix that uses Google Page Speed and YSlow.

Additional recommendations and best practices to speed up your site:

  • Choose a good hosting service – choosing a good web hosting will increase your website performance.
  • Enable compression on your website – less time to load your pages, and less bandwidth used over all.
  • Use W3 Total Cache plugin – as a minimum configuration, we recommend to use just the full page and browser caching options enabled.
  • Use WP Smush.it plugin – reduce image file sizes and improve performance that means less time to load your pages.
  • Use P3 Plugin Profiler to see which plugins are slowing down your site. Some poorly coded plugins may impact your site performance.
  • If your site running Google Ads, you need to choose the “async” mode for your ads, otherwise your site will get about a 4-5 point hit on Google Page Speed test.

*If you’re using a WordPress cache plugin, make sure you’ve emptied your cache before testing your site performance after checking/unchecking any of the plugin options.

04 Exclude scripts from being deferred

This option allows you to exclude some javascript files to be deferred. Enter one by text field, the final part of the js files that you want to be excluded from defer parsing option. For example: jquery.min.js

If you want to exclude more than 4 javascripts, your page score will be hit and therefore the use of “Defer parsing of javascript files” option will become useless so you can disable it

05 Load JS from Google Libraries

Loading WordPress javascript files from Google’s Libraries rather than serving it from your WordPress install directly, will reduce latency, increase parallelism and improve caching.

06 Defer parsing of javascript files

By deferring parsing of unneeded JavaScript until it needs to be executed, you can reduce the initial load time of your page.

Please note that this option will not defer the main WordPress jQuery script if Load JS from Google Libraries option is not checked.

07 Remove query strings

Since most proxies do not cache resources with a "?" in their URL, this option allows you to remove any query strings (version numbers) from static resources like CSS & JS files, thus improving your speed scores in services like GTmetrix, PageSpeed, YSlow and Pingdoom.

08 Lazy load images to improve speed

This option will improve the web page loading times of your images. When is checked, you will notice that your images will be loaded only when they become visible to the user viewport.

If you experience issues with some slideshow or slider plugins, you may need to uncheck this option.

09 Removes additional Font Awesome styles

Use this option only if your theme uses Font Awesome, to prevent other plugins that uses Font Awesome, to add their stylesheets to your theme. In other words, this option removes extra Font Awesome stylesheets added to your theme by certain plugins, if Font Awesome is already loaded by your theme, reducing the number of HTTP requests generated by extra stylesheets. Most certainly, you wouldn’t want to see Font Awesome loaded several times in your header, bloating your theme unnecessarily.

Note that this option can be also used safely as a smart way to enqueue Font Awesome stylesheet from CDN if you need it and your theme doesn’t use it yet.

12 Remove Windows Manifest

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a Microsoft application for composing and managing blog posts offline and publish them later. If you are not using Windows Live Writer application, you can remove it from the WP head.

13 Remove the WordPress Version

This option is added for security reasons and cleaning the header.

15 Page Load Stats

Page Load Stats is a brief statistic that displays your homepage loading speed (in seconds) and number of processed queries.

Page loading time – the progress bar color will be:

  • green if the page load takes less than a second
  • orange when loading the page takes between 1 and 2 seconds
  • red if the page loading takes longer than 2 seconds

Number of executed queriesthe progress bar color will be:

  • green if there were less than 100 queries
  • orange if there were between 100 and 200 queries
  • red if the page required more than 200 queries

16 Change the default image compression level

The default image compression setting in WordPress is 90%. Compressing your images further than the default will make your file sizes even smaller and will boost your site performance.

Note that any changes you make will only affect new images uploaded to your site. If you want to update all of your images with the new sizes, install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

As a reference, a lower level of compression means more performance. We recommend you choose a compression level between 50 and 75.

17 Load CSS asynchronously

Loading CSS asynchronously will render your page more quickly to get a higher score on the major speed testing services.

18 Minify HTML and JS

Activate this option only if you don’t want to use other minify plugins or other speed optimization plugin that has minify option included. If something goes wrong, simply uncheck this option and save the settings.

19 Minify all CSS styles

Minifying and inline all CSS styles will optimize the CSS delivery and will eliminate the anoying message on Google Page Speed regarding to render-blocking css.

21 Disable all above CSS options on mobile devices

Disable all above CSS options on mobile devices: this option was added to avoid some appearance issues on mobile devices.

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Need professional help for speed?

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