About Optimocha

What Is Optimocha?

In essence, Optimocha is a “speed optimization service” for websites powered by WordPress.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of WordPress speed optimization plugins. But you need to fine-tune them correctly in order to speed up your website. You have to take account of the setup of your hosting environment, the type of your website, the theme and the plugins, and the content. Or else, you may even slow down your website even further with those plugins.

That’s where Optimocha comes in: We log in to your website, back it up once, and start working on whatever we can do to boost your website’s speed. (Check out below to find out how we do it.) Our primary goal is to make your pages load faster, which means to lower your page sizes and speed up your server. And as a happy byproduct, your Google PageSpeed and Yahoo! YSlow scores go up as well.

Now, you might think this isn’t a big deal. But it is a huge deal for your visitors. Think about your own experiences on other websites: Don’t you get frustrated when you wait more than a few seconds and some page still doesn’t load? That’s also how the visitors of your website feel, if your pages take longer than five seconds to load. Even your current customers/clients may be feeling unhappy.

Because your website is slow, you might be losing money. But Optimocha is here to help: We’re going to boost your website speed, and boost your conversion rates, and boost your customer satisfaction rates!

How Do We Do It?

We start off by creating a “pre-report” of your website speed. We use GTmetrix to check your website’s load time, page size, number of page elements, and PageSpeed & YSlow scores.

Then we connect to your website, and we do it without compromising your security. (Seriously, you’ll be surprised when you see how we do it.) The first thing we do after we log in to your website is to take a backup, in case something goes wrong (which is very, very unlikely). We also check your hosting environment to see how well we’re going to get along with the server. Then, we install a few plugins to measure the performance of your theme and plugins, and see what’s causing the slowness exactly.

Then, we get to the real work: Using a combination of tools, plugins and magic tricks, we speed up your website. We compress images (losslessly), optimize your page sizes, configure server-side & client-side caching, clean up the junk, and several more jobs. Since there’s no single magical solution to every website, we use a different combination for each hosting environment, and each type of website.

While doing all these things, we log every action we take in real time. Also, we like to write some “commentary” to talk about how and why we do what we do. And we put together a few “suggestions” on what could be done to boost your website’s speed even further, but isn’t included in your package. We gather everything up in a nice PDF report.

After we finish our own report, we get the “post-report” from GTmetrix (and compare it with the “pre-report”). So you get three reports before, during and after the job.

Our Motivation

Why do we want your website to open faster?

Because we like the internet, and we want to navigate through it as fast as possible. If you have a blog, we want to binge-read all your posts right away. If you have an e-commerce website, we want to open all your products in different tabs and look at them quickly. If you have a corporate website, we want to read your About page, check your portfolio and contact you as soon as possible.

By “we”, I’m talking about the billions of people who goes online every day. And millions of people who’re in your country. And the thousands (or hundreds) of people who visit your website every day.

People want to view pages as fast as possible. Or else, they leave. I’m not joking: People tend to leave websites that load slow. They abandon their carts. If they’re an existing customer, their satisfaction rates drop.

We want to speed up your website because we personally hate slow websites. Thus, we want to fix it. We want to fix the web, one website at a time. We want to fix your website so you can make more money.


As Optimocha, we believe that startup teams has to be as diverse as possible, because somehow it directly affects the success of a startup (look it up). That’s why, from the very beginning, Optimocha pays top dollar to the following seven people to please the startup gods.

Barış Ünver


A pretty nice guy with a pretty nice blazer. He read somewhere that CEOs are like conductors in orchestras, so he bought a conductor’s baton and started poking other team members with it. He’s good with people, though. Get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

Barış Ünver

WordPress Ninja

The Heisenberg of the operation, and the founder of Optimocha. He threatens to leave the company every two months to get a raise, so he’s currently the highest-paid member in the team. Follow him on Twitter.

Barış Ünver

Head of Marketing

Practices voodoo and LinkedIn ads to keep leads flowin’. He’s born in Kocaeli, a small city right next to İstanbul. He hates İstanbul because some kids were mean to him in high school.

Barış Ünver

Data Analyst

Wrangles data and makes sense of it to get new clients and keep existing clients happy. He’s a proud Muslim—not the “kill-everyone-who-opposes-my-opinion” kind, the “practice-kindness-and-promote-peace” kind.

Barış Ünver

Content Editor

Writes kick-ass copy. She wrote more than 100 WordPress tutorials and articles in Tuts+ from 2012 to 2016. (She actually stopped writing there to join the Optimocha team.) Loves to buy indie games on Steam, and not play with any of them.

Barış Ünver

Chief Happiness Officer

Honestly, he doesn’t do much, but knows a guy in the company so he gets paid to do stuff like team trust exercises and throwing birthday parties. He’s the only one in the team with an active gym membership.

Barış Ünver

Barista & Hipster

…because all startups needs a hipster who makes good coffee, right? He’s basically the janitor but says he’s doing the job ironically. We don’t like him very much, but his mom basically funded the whole startup so we have to put up with him.