A Tailored Service to Boost Your Website’s Speed

Unlike various plugins and tools claim, speeding up a website isn’t something that can be done automatically. You have to take into account things like the server, the theme, all the plugins, the content… All servers are different, all content is different, most themes are different and so are the plugins in your WordPress website. You have to work on all of them. Together

And that’s what we do: We analyze your website and your server, then we carry out a strategy tailored for your needs. Basically, we work on your website like it’s our own.

We can’t promise things like “Your website will load under two seconds!” because sometimes your pages have to include lots of plugins, or sometimes a weak server doesn’t play along. (Although, we’ve been able to get every website to load in four seconds or less with our techniques, so we have a great track record so far.)

What we can promise is a major difference in load times. Why? Because we obsess about speed and we care about your results, that’s why.

Optimocha helped us to reduce our blog’s loading time to one third of the original speed. We are so happy with the results, and plan working with Optimocha for further projects.
Enes Karaboga, Konusarak Ogren

Compress & Combine ALL Static Files

The files in your server made up of a few different file types: The PHP files that run your WordPress core, plugins and themes; the images and other content that you (or your users) upload into the website; and the “static” files like CSS and JavaScript files.

We compress and combine all the static files, and optimize your uploaded images. The combining of files helps browsers download a single CSS file, for example, instead of downloading a whole bunch of them. Compressing them, well, helps browsers download them faster.

Extensive Database Waste Cleanup

Almost every plugin and all your old themes produce excess data. Waste. Residue. It’s not pretty, and it’s not healthy. Someone should scrub that.

We’re that “someone.” We roll up our sleeves and get into that dumpster, cleaning every bit of that digital waste. We don’t ever touch any of your actual data, and we always work with backups. So, you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

Fine-tuned Server & Browser Caching

You want to LOL at a cat picture, so you visit a web page. The next day, you want to LOL at it again, and you visit the same page. Your browser remembers that page, so it shows you the picture from its cache. Then you decide to LOL at it every time and every day, so you make it your wallpaper. Congratulations, you real-life-cached that cat picture.

Caching is key to website performance. Servers can cache data in their memory, and browsers can cache static files (those we mentioned earlier) in your visitor’s device memory. We make sure that everything’s cached properly, both in your server and in your visitors’ browsers.

CDN Installation & Configuration

If you’re in Europe, and an American visitor loads your website, it usually takes an extra second just to connect to your server. Why? Cables. I’m not kidding. This is why it’s a smart idea to have an extra server in the USA for your files. And in Brazil. And Turkey. India. Australia.

“Content delivery networks”, or CDNs, offer tens of servers for a fraction of the cost (say, $50 yearly). What we do is install and configure a CDN for your website.

Premium Plugin Licenses Included

We’re using some of the top-notch plugins in the industry, to make sure that you get the best results in your website. The licenses of our plugins belong to us, really, but they can be used in any number of websites, including our customers. (We triple-checked that.) Thus, you get to use those plugins without any extra charge. How cool is that?

Diagnostics: Hosting, Plugins & Themes

Because we take care of your website like it’s our own, we tend to nitpick. We check how your theme is behaving, which of your plugins slow down your website, and check your server’s speed in general. If we don’t like what we see, we tell you how to fix it and what to fix it with.

If, for example, we see that your theme is poorly written, we suggest that you change it with a theme that’ll suit your needs. If we decide that a plugin is slowing down your website, we offer an equivalent plugin. If your server isn’t enough for your website, we suggest you to switch to a better server.

Pre-report, Post-report & Suggestions

We like writing stuff. We like taking notes all the way. You’ve probably already realized that if you’ve read thus far.

Before we start working, we prepare a “pre-report” of your website’s speed pain points. Then, while working on your website, we take notes of what we do and gather them up in a “post-report”. And when we’re done, we prepare a “suggestions report” to help you even further, but might cost money.

We assure you that these reports are definitely important and absolutely hilarious.

Barış is awesome to work with. He took my WordPress site from an F grade to an A grade as far as speed goes, according to the GTmetrix testing. He explained what he was doing, so I learned about speed optimization along the way. He is obsessed with site speed and seems to really enjoy his work. Totally recommended.
Stuart Brent



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