Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Optimizing websites is easy in theory, but much more difficult in practice. Compress images, install an optimization plugin (or two) and you should be fine, right?

Not quite. To be able to optimize over 500 websites (like us, since 2016), you have to get creative and offer a reliable service (again, like us, since 2016). You have to take into account things like the server, the theme, all the plugins, the content… All servers are different, all content is different, most themes are different and so are the plugins in your WordPress website. You have to work on all of them. Together.

Over the years, we built and improved our WordPress speed & performance optimization services and right now, we offer three distinct service packages, plus an hourly-rated “custom work” service.

One-Time WordPress Speed Optimization

We come. We optimize. We fly away. Good choice for static websites which are finished in development.

Starts from €999 (one-time payment)

The bottom line of this service package is, we do whatever is necessary to speed up your website and improve your Core Web Vitals metrics. Depending on the complexity of your website & server setup, we carry out tasks like:

  • Eliminate unused or unnecessary plugins.
  • Annihilate unused or unnecessary third party tools and services.
  • Reconfigure certain plugins to improve performance.
  • Tweak server settings if necessary.
  • Introduce a proxy server (like Cloudflare) if necessary, and reconfigure it if a proxy server already exists.
  • Clean up the database only if necessary.
  • Optimize the delivery of all static assets (images, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, videos etc.)
  • Prepare a better performing environment with selected performance plugins.
  • Switch to a better hosting company only if inevitably necessary.
  • Provide information about why each step is important and prepare text-based reports over email to ensure you understand what we do.

Since every website is different, it’s not fair (nor smart) to quote the same price for a small company website and an e-commerce giant – having said that, the prices more or less stay in the same interval. Also, the jobs are scheduled regarding when the payment’s made and the type of job (non-urgent or urgent). So, paying earlier gets you scheduled earlier and paying a “skip-the-line” surcharge gets you scheduled to an “urgent” slot (we have only a few of those).

We can guarantee improvements in Core Web Vitals and your general site speed, and we back it up with performance tests before and after the job. You can click below to get a quote from us.

Ongoing WordPress Speed Optimization & Consultancy

We come. We optimize. We stay. Good for websites that are constantly developed and need an expert to optimize it regularly.

Starts from €399/mo (payments every 3/6/12 months)

We take pride in what we do with one-time optimizations, and we have a 98% satisfaction rate among our past clients. After we’re gone, however, it’s your responsibility to keep the website optimized. We do, of course, try our best to future-proof what we do during the one-time optimization process… but WordPress is such an extensive ecosystem that we can’t expect you to not install a shiny new plugin or switch to a better theme or get an awesome analytics/tracking tool.

If you’re thinking about keeping the website optimized all the time and ready to invest in someone that would keep an eye on your website, you can benefit from our ongoing optimization & consultancy services. The scope of this service is obviously bigger:

  • Everything in the One-Time Optimization service package.
  • Weekly checks of your Core Web Vitals metrics to ensure the website is always optimized.
  • Tweak the optimization whenever a new plugin, theme or third-party service is introduced.
  • Unlimited questions & answers over email about improving the website and understanding how the website is optimized.
  • More specific commentary about how the website can be improved even further (like editing content etc.).
  • Sharing of new articles, blog posts or videos about WordPress and web performance optimization (WPO).
  • Migrations to new hosting companies with NO extra charge as a “migration help service”.

You can think of this service as an exclusive WordPress consultant & optimization expert because we only accept several clients per team member. The prices can vary depending on your needs from us and the payment plans (e.g. a yearly payment will cost less than four quarterly payments). You can click below to get a quote from us.

Complete Website Overhaul

We come. We destroy. We rebuild. For websites which can’t be optimized without starting from scratch. Expensive, effective.

No idea

We’re not going to lie: We see some “lost causes” when people send their websites to us. And sometimes people already know that their websites are “beyond repair” in terms of performance. That’s why we started offering overhaul jobs and successfully rebuilt more than a few websites.

The scope of this job is, well, destroy and rebuild, basically. However, we can make a more thorough list. Note that these will be made with the client, and nothing will be done against their consent. Here’s what we can do:

  • Select a well-built, performant theme to build the website with.
  • Select a set of well-coded plugins and use them only if they’re absolutely crucial to the website and the client’s business.
  • Select a hosting company that is the absolute best for the needs of the client & their website.
  • Re-strategize content delivery among the website and make the pages smaller in terms of DOM size.
  • Build the website (on a staging domain) with performance in mind, making the job also an optimization job.
  • Deliver the website with its highest potential of performance, and with the best Core Web Vitals metrics.
  • Optionally add the ongoing optimization & consultancy service into the deal.
  • The website to rebuild doesn’t have to be made with WordPress, but the website to be built will be.

Since this is our largest service package, we can’t even put a ballpark number above. Depending on the complexity of the business & the new website, the number can vary from €4K up to five-digit price tags. We will, of course, also prepare an “installment plan” with payments split into weeks or months. Click below to get a quote from us.

Custom WordPress Development

You ask, we do. Or delegate.

€150/hr or below

If you have something else in mind to improve your website (including or excluding performance optimization), or simply would like us to help you on an hourly basis, we’d love to help you with that too:

  • Tweaking plugins, reconfiguring your theme or even editing parts of your content.
  • Advanced theme customization/recoding gigs.
  • Building a custom plugin for custom needs.
  • Hourly consultations, brainstorming sessions and such.
  • Education about speed optimization (meant for website owners).
  • Special migration projects.

The sky (also our knowledge) is the limit. Depending on how many hours of work you’re ready to invest in, the base pricing (above) will be decreased (e.g. paying 10 hours of our time will mean a handsome discount and 100 hours will mean a substantial discount). Click below to get a quote from us.