Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We do whatever it takes to optimize your website’s performance. Emphasis on “whatever it takes”.

How do you do it?

We first analyze your website based on the PageSpeed reports of your homepage and URLs of your most important page(s), plus your comments and ideas about your own website (no worries if you have no idea). Then, we dive further and snoop around your wp-admin and hosting panel (if necessary) to create a report on what could, should and must be changed in order to optimize your website performance. You get to approve or reject each recommendation (tiny asterisk here, for later) and we take the steps (approved ones) to gradually optimize the whole website. We keep testing the selected URLs with PageSpeed to see how well we’re doing, and finish the optimization process once every task you’ve approved is done. We finalize the job with final PageSpeed reports of the selected URLs.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Remember the tiny asterisk from the previous answer? If you approve all of our ideas to optimize your website in the report (and the ones that we come up later), we can guarantee all-green Core Web Vitals metrics. Our ideas to optimize your website are almost always plausible and rejecting an idea would be potentially sacrificing performance (not all the time though), but we do offer alternative solutions if you think an idea is impossible for you to approve.

In short, we guarantee green Core Web Vitals metrics as long as you’re ready to optimize all aspects of your website.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the job (one-time optimizaiton, ongoing optimization or complete website overhaul) and the complexity of your website (we can’t charge the same to optimize a simple company website versus an e-commerce or e-learning website). The starting prices of each type of job are listed on this page, and the final quote would be, um, quoted during our email conversation.

Why is it so expensive?

Is it though? We know the prices can look scary initially, but if you think about it, not optimizing a website can be more expensive than the investment you’ll make to optimize it. With your website optimized for better performance, you might get twice as many conversions or make thrice as much money through sales – we’ll leave it to your imagination. Also, and we don’t want to sound too alarming, but you should also compare your website performance with your competitors’ websites because whichever website has the best performance will snatch visitors/leads/customers from the other(s).

Do you offer any other services?

Other than website performance optimization; we offer website redesigns, website maintenance, hosting/server migrations and custom coding for themes and plugins. We also offer online coaching and training about web performance optimization for large teams. We don’t offer graphic design, advertisement or social media services.

Do you offer discounts?

Yup. Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 15% discount and clients with multiple websites (like agencies) can benefit between 10%-50% of discounts, depending on the number of websites they want to have optimized.

I’m sold! How do we get started?

Simple! You choose the service you want to get on this page and you get a quote after filling out the corresponding form.

I have other questions.

We’d love to answer them! Click here to contact us.