Rewards for Feedback program

For Speed Booster Pack users, we’re establishing a new program called “Feedback for Rewards”. This is going to be a win-win deal for both parties:

  • Feedback submitters will be rewarded for up to €200 discounts in Optimocha’s one-time optimization services, which can be used any time you see fit (meaning the rewards won’t expire).
  • We will be rewarded with useful and constructive feedback to improve our plugin, Speed Booster Pack.

We can’t expect everyone to be as thorough, but we do want to offer rewards for everyone. That’s why our program will have two tiers:

  1. All submissions with details about an issue about Speed Booster Pack will be rewarded with €100.
  2. Submissions with applicable ideas to resolve the issue will be rewarded with an additional €100.

Not everyone can write code, which is why submissions will be qualified in effort. This means that as long as you’re trying to be helpful, we’re ready to pay! You can even submit multiple issues which will be rewarded separately (e.g. submit two issues with two solutions and you’ll get two separate €200 discount codes).

(And this goes without saying but we hate spam too, possibly more than you do. That’s why we won’t sell or even share your data with anyone, and will destroy it as soon as we don’t need it.)

To submit feedback, fill out the short form below.

Speed Booster Pack Feedback

Optional, but recommended if you’re having an issue with Speed Booster Pack and we can help.
If you had issues using Speed Booster Pack, or have ideas to improve it, please tell us in detail. If you already know how to implement a solution, that’s a plus! :) We only expect useful & applicable ideas, but feel free to share some links if you’ve already coded a solution!
Optional, but important to us. We want to see from our users’ points of view to understand how well we’re doing.