Ongoing WordPress Optimization & Consultancy Services

Tailored Speed Optimization…

Because we’re obsessed with web performance optimization, we handle your website like our own. We boost your website’s speed considerably, and we keep it fast so long as we work together.

Initially, we roll up our sleeves and get on working for the speed boost. We analyze your theme, your plugins, your content and your server configuration and make a tailored plan to speed up your website.

Then, we utilize special tools, plugins and a few magic tricks to clean the database waste, compress and combine all the static files, optimize the images in your content, set up both server caching and browser caching, and install our favorite CDN.

(For details on how we speed up your website, click here.)

After the initial & substantial speed boost, you get a detailed report about what’s been done and how well it’s done.

…and Monthly WordPress Maintenance!

Extensive care for your website

With monthly subscriptions, we don’t just speed up your website and help you make more moneyWe go beyond that.

With regular backups and security scans, spam cleanups and database optimizations, we keep your website clean, up to date, fast and secure.

Daily security scans & off-site backups

Security should be a top priority for any kind of website, no matter how small or large it is.

We keep an eye on your website by periodically scanning for vulnerabilities and malware. We also make dails, secure backups. If the security scans detect something nasty, we take measures to clean the malware or neutralize the vulnerability.

Daily or weekly cleanups & updates

Like any other big software that utilizes apps, plugins or programs, WordPress generates excess data that needs to be cleaned up. Some of those waste needs to be cleaned daily, while others could be handled in longer cycles. We take care of that to keep your database clean all the time.

We also take care of your plugin, theme and core updates. These updates have to be taken care of because most of them will be about security and performance.

Regular reports & casual chats over WhatsApp and Facebook

Whatever we do, you will get informed. We track your load speeds, scan for malware, clean your website regularly… It wouldn’t be logical if you wouldn’t hear about all these in a monthly report.

And we like talking. For any website-related questions, or just some casual chats, you’re more than welcome to reach us through email or Telegram.

Server migration and complete server management

If you decide to pay monthly but still need a server migration, we take care of that too, with a nominal fee of $50 per website. If you have more than five websites, we can help with the fee as well.

Or, if you need a “complete” solution, like a server & website management package, contact us so we can talk details, and we can quote you for a tailored solution.

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Do you have anything you can tell us to optimize our workflow, or add a feature? We love suggestions! Tell us how Optimocha could be even better by dropping us a line. If we like your idea and implement it into our workflow, you’ll get a 50%-off coupon. Yep.